gerlinde behrendt

Theatre Educator, Artistic Director of Children `s and Youth Theatre Department

Since 2001, Behrendt has served as a theatre educator and artistic director of the children `s and youth theatre programme at Stadttheater Herford. Prior to this, she worked at Theaterlabor Bielefeld and, before completely making the switch to theatre, as an educator. It was during her in-service training in the areas of "music, dance and theatre for children", "body language - physical expression" and directing that she discovered her love of theatre. She works in close cooperation with the association LAG Spiel und Theater NRW e.V., whose headquarters and theatre education centre are located in Herford. In particular, she supports LAG by serving as a consultant for its theatre education training programme. Since 2012, she has been head of the children `s and youth theatre workgroup at "Inthega - Interessensgemeinschaft der Städte mit Theatergastspielen", a workgroup which, under her direction, was distinguished with the Assitej presenter?s prize in 2015.

alex gesch

Dramaturge, Theatre Educator, Project Manager

Gesch found her way to theatre through her studies of rehabilitation education, publishing, drama and philosophy in Dortmund and Bochum - first working at KJT Dortmund and the local concert hall, then at Junges Theater Heidelberg and subsequently in the city of Bremerhaven, where she founded and directed the youth theatre Junges Theater. She completed her theatre education training at GREND in Essen. During her studies in Bochum, she worked for festivals such as FIDENA and the Ruhrtriennale. She has received multiple stipends and awards from the German Federal Cultural Foundation for her interdisciplinary, cross-genre works and collaborations. Since 2013, she has worked as a freelancer in countries such as Brazil and Canada and placed her focus on intercultural and intergenerational film and dance projects as well as performative projects of her own with her artist collective "Margarete Sunshine". In 2013, she curated the festival "Augenblick Mal!" as well as the Hamburg Children `s Theatre Award.

holger runge

Theatre Educator, Director of Junges Schlosstheater Moers

Runge studied social education and served as a youth education advisor for the Lutheran Church in Dortmund for 13 years. It was there that he founded the intergenerational theatre group "Pump Fiction", among others. Parallel to his work, he studied theatre education at the Remscheid Academy. During the 2006/2007 season, he established the youth theatre department at Schlosstheater Moers, which he has worked to expand ever since. It has yielded numerous productions with children and teens in addition to more unusual target groups, such as future bankers. He has directed the children?s and youth theatre festival
Penguin `s Days since 2008.