table talks

the first discussion:

Visitors are invited to a discussion with Bettina Maurer (from Kindertheater des Monats / Junges Theater of Kultursekretariat NRW), Gerlinde Behrendt (chairperson of the INTHEGA Children `s and Youth Theatre Workgroup), Brigitte Baggen (jury member for Spielarten NRW and head of the city of Viersen `s office of culture), Mirko Schombert (artistic director of Burghofbühne Dinslaken, Landestheater im Kreis Wesel), Georg Biedermann (director of TAK in Liechtenstein) and Julian Pfahl (NRW Landesbüro freie darstellende Künste).

the second discussion

Guest production development

Tuesday, 20.6, 15:00 to 17:00
Venue: Gymnasium in den Filder Benden, (auditorium), Zahnstr. 43, 47447 Moers

Moderation: Alex Gesch

The NRW Children ` s and Youth Theatre Workgroup has noticed a steady decrease in guest productions both in NRW and beyond state borders. For Westwind 2017, it has compiled data on guest production development, including various perspectives and experiences, which will then be used to develop strategies for future action. Talks will be held based on a survey previously conducted with members of the workgroup. What promotional tools are available in NRW to boost the amount of guest productions? How and to what extent do existing NRW performance series foster the independent scene? How much visibility has been raised for the children?s and youth theatre scene in NRW and nationwide? How can production and event organisation activities be coupled in the future? How do presenters, curators, artists and state associations perceive the guest production situation in the area of children `s and youth theatre?

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diversity and qualifications

Thursday, 22.06, 15:00 to 17:00

Venue: Gymnasium in den Filder Benden, (auditorium), Zahnstr. 43, 47447 Moers

Moderation: Georg Kentrup

Since WESTWIND 2016, the Transcultural Workgroup has met bimonthly on suitable occasions. Relevant productions and projects fuel its discussions of how diversity and transculture can be addressed in children `s and youth theatre. In addition to a need for clarification of definitions and terminology, there is great demand for qualification courses in this area.

At the groups public session in Moers, Isabell Marie Popescu and Danny Friedrich will present a continuing education offer at the theatre education centre Theaterpädagogisches Zentrum Ruhr. In addition, the workgroup will give an overview of its current activities.

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