fABULEUS & Ugo Dehaes (BE)

internationales Gastspiel

Saturday, 17. Juni, 19.30

Duration: 65 minutes, ages 12 and up
Venue: Festival hall, Filderstr. 144

Choreography: Ugo Dehaes
Dancers: Romain Alerm y Domingo, Quentin Croux, Jenna Jalonen, Louna Naso, Mirte Oudermans, Ninon Pereira Portela, Louise Pinsar and Fien Voorspools
Assistant choreographers: Jenna Jalonen, Katja Pire
Guest choreographers: Frédéric Celini (hip hop), Koen "Little" Horsten (break dance), Mendo (house)
Set and lighting: Timme Afschrift
Music: Adrian Newgent
Drones & software: Mario Henrique Cruz Torres, Hoang Tung Dinh, Marvin Ferber, Kristof Coninx, Tom Holvoet (imec-DistriNet)
Production management and costumes: Cynthia Schenkels
Costume assistant: Lotte Stek
Technical director: Tom Philips
Production: fABULEUS
Co-production: kwaad bloed, STUK, in cooperation with TAKT Dommelhof and Zinnema
Special thanks to: Misha Demoustier, Karel Dombrecht and Pianofabriek

In "RATS", seven young urban dancers face off with dancing drones. And in the middle of it all, there is a contemporary dancer. She beguiles the dancers and the drones alike - much like the Pied Piper with rats - into joining her world and taking up the language of her movements. They circle one another, observe, mimic and challenge each other. They each attempt to assert their identities and claim the stage for themselves. Even the drones seem to have their own personalities and invite us to a toy universe that at times seems just as threatening as it does harmless.