dürener kulturbetrieb & agora theater

die geschichte eines langen tages

Sunday, 18. Juni, 16.00 Uhr
Monday, 19. Juni, 09.00 Uhr

in co-production with Theater Düren, AGORA Theater (BE),
TAK - Theater Liechtenstein, Schaan (LIE)

Written by: Ania Michaelis
Composed by: Gerd Oly
Directed by: Ania Michaelis
Musical direction: Gerd Oly
Choreography: Catharina Gadelha
Set design: Céline Leuchter
Costumes: Emilie Cottam
Performers: Line Lerho, Leila Putcuyps, Sascha Bauer
Artistic director of AGORA: Kurt Pothen
Performing rights: AGORA Theater

Duration: 40 Minutes, ages 3 and up
Venue: Festivalhalle, Filder Str. 144

In a lovely world, where everything is perfectly organised, Avi and Iva are solely responsible for making sure that everything stays the same as it was yesterday: pleasant, clean and generally satisfying to all. Then one day, their cosy life is suddenly thrown into disarray. Plug is alone, terribly hungry and, to top it all off, has lost all of her marbles. With apparent ease, this play tells a story about being different and accepting others without losing ourselves in the process.

Magicians of the dramatic arts With "Die Geschichte eines langen Tages" ("The Story of a Long Day"), AGORA theatre company accomplishes the feat of utterly transforming our everyday lives. The young audience at TAK was thoroughly enthralled. (...) A highly expressive performance for children, who noticeably appreciate the effort and get involved in the action.

Volksblatt - Die Tageszeitung für Liechtenstein, 13.05.2016