Jörg Menke-Peitzmeyer reads: "Billy the Beast. Ein Traum von einem Tiger"

Tuesday, 20 June 2017, 9:00,

Moers Library, Wilhelm-Schroeder-Straße 10, 47441 Moers

Jörg Menke-Peitzmeyer, a member of the jury, has long since made a name for himself as a playwright. He ranks among the most well-known authors for German-language children?s and youth theatre. In 2016, his play "The Working Death. Ein hartes Stück Arbeit" ("The Working Death. A Hard Piece of Work") was distinguished with the German Youth Theatre Award. This February marked the release of his first novel "Billy the Beast. Ein Traum von einem Tiger" ("Billy the Beast. A Tiger `s Dream").
As a part of WESTWIND, Jörg Menke-Peitzmeyer will present his book at the Moers Library.

Bert is the novel `s main character. He is fat. Quite fat, actually. He tips the scales at 101 kilos. Everything annoys him. Thank goodness for the television host Günther Jauch: When his favourite show is on, Bert can stay at home and guess along with the quiz show undisturbed. But then, everything changes: Bert becomes the mascot of an ice hockey team and comes to be famous as "Billy the Beast" in a tiger costume. He sheds pound after pound, and seems to be headed for a happier life below the 100-kilo mark. However, he is soon posed with the million-euro question: "How do you win the heart of a cheerleader?" It looks like he is going to need a lifeline ...