Moving moers meets WESTWIND

It is not only due to Ruhr 2010, the area `s year as European Capital of Culture, that cultural events by and for children and young people have such a close-knit network in Moers. Once a year, organisers of children `s and youth programmes combine their efforts for the weeklong initiative moving moers - junge Kunst bewegt die Stadt (moving moers - Young Art Moves the City) by the Moers Office of Culture.

In 2017, moving moers meets WESTWIND: From 19.06 to 23.06.2017, a freight container located in the Schlosspark gardens will become the "Future Barracks". There, children and teenagers from Moers can show what they `ve got and express themselves: through texts, dance, beat boxing, music, audio plays ...
The Future Barracks can be regarded as a forum where young artists from Moers can get together, present their "works of art" to other Moers residents and WESTWIND visitors and meet the guest artists invited to the festival.

Moving moers meets WESTWIND is a joint event by the Moers Office of Culture, the Moers Library, the open youth centre "Die Box", Bollwerk 107, the youth centre Zoff and the Rock It Team.

moving moers

19.06.2017 moving moers reads
On Monday, 19.06.2017, young people involved in the Moers Youth Book Jury will read texts on their visions of the future under the motto "Back to the Future". And in the foyer of Schlosstheater Moers, visitors can listen to some eerie stories developed by students of the school Heinrich-Pattberg-Realschule.

20.06.2017 moving moers dances
"Zoff" Youth Centre has been a meeting place for the Moers dance scene for years. It offers workshops and in-house dance projects on everything from break dancing to flamenco and will transform the Future Barracks into a dance hall.

21.06.2017 moving moers beat boxes
BOX Youth Centre really lives up to its name. It features beat boxing workshops and the largest beat boxing scene in Moers. In the Future Barracks, participants will present the results of their work and show visitors that anyone can be a beat boxer. Young rappers from Justus-von-Liebig School will perform their raps live and on tape.

22.06.2017 moving moers makes music
Bollwerk 107 is a rehearsal and performance venue for numerous bands. Among other events, it hosts the festival "Rock It", which is exclusively organised by teenagers and young adults. The Moers music scene will showcase its wide range of talents in front of the Future Barracks.

23.06.2017 moving moers struts its stuff
As moving moers and WESTWIND both draw to a close, there will be a best-of show featuring the entire spectrum of Moers youth culture.