Wednesday, 21.06.2017, 20:00 to 24:00

Open-air pool Bettenkamper Meer & beach bar 1924

On Wednesday, 21.06.2017, WESTWIND is cooling off.

Visitors can use the outdoor swimming area Bettenkamper Meer and the beach bar 1924 to relax, play volleyball or take a refreshing dip (but be warned: the water in the outdoor pool is cold - very cold).

Relaxing and refreshing entertainment is also on offer for eyes and ears: Bands of Moers young talents will perform at Bettenkamper Meer and delight guests with their music. Of course, anyone inspired by the swinging beats is welcome to get up and dance to the rhythm.

And those looking to unwind in the evening after an eventful day at the theatre can cool off at the bar with some cold drinks. Whether with a cold beer or a specialty WESTWIND long drink, that?s for each visitor to decide. And those with excess energy will have the opportunity to play a match of volleyball. An eclectic evening full of possibilities ranging from music and sports to relaxation surrounded by nature, water, lights and nice people.

Let yourself be enchanted by this lovely atmosphere. Wear some summer clothes, grab a pair of sunglasses, bring a bathing suit and have a good time.

Kindly supported by ENNI, the booster club Freundeskreis Naturfreibad Bettenkamper Meer e.V. and the beach bar Strandbar 1924.